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Monday, August 20th - Downtown Music Gallery Anniversary Celebration - Part 2: 8pm: NATE WOOLEY and CHRIS PITSIOKOS at The Zurcher Gallery - 33 Bleecker Street in NYC!

Both NATE WOOLEY on trumpet and CHRIS PITSIOKOS on alto sax are restless sonic explorers who work hard at coming up with new ideas, extended techniques and unique sounds on they respective instruments as well as continually evolving with their composing and arranging abilities. Both Nate and Chris leads several bands, each one a different challenge. Chris will be attending Wesleyan University in the Fall on a full scholarship to Mazel Tov to him! I have been working for the past year to put together an incredible bill that represents what Downtown Music Gallery is all about: promoting challenging/creative music in a sympathetic setting. The Zurcher Gallery on 33 Bleecker St, just east of Lafayette is the perfect play to do this set, so please don't miss this historic date!

Sunday, August 26th 6pm: AARON RUBINSTEIN and NATE WOOLEY! // 7pm: XANDER NAYLOR / RICK PARKER - Guitar / Trombone and Electronics!

Sunday, September 2nd: 6pm: CHARMAINE LEE - Solo Vocal Set // 7pm: KYOKO KITAMURA / LEONID GALAGANOV - Vocals / Percussion Shakuhachi // 8pm: CARLOS QUEBRADA / NICOLAS DEL AQUILA from Nicotina es Primavera

Experimental vocalist CHARMAINE LEE will be joined by Philadelphia-based improvising percussionist BEN BENNETT for an electrifying meeting of unconventional sounds, creaks, and techniques. Using amplification, microphones, modified drum heads, stretched membranes, and objects, the duo will explore an eclectic aesthetic territory together, comfortably moving between rapid-fire free improvisation and the sober austerity of lowercase and Japanese onkyo. 

Avant/Jazz/New Music vocalist, KYOKO KITAMURA, consistently outdoes herself by pushing the barriers of vocalizing, singing in Anthony Braxton’s TriCentric Ensemble and in Ras Mosh’e Music Now. One Ms. Kitamura’s current bands, Tidepool Fauna, has a superb new CD that is worth checking out. Kyoko will be joined by Lithuanian drummer & shakuhachi player, LEONID GALAGANOV, who was last seen/heard playing with William Parker and Jesse Dulman.

Bassist CARLOS QUEBRADA and Percussionist NICOLAS DEL AQUILA are both members of Nicotina es Primavera, an incredible progressive band from Argentina, whose disc I reviewed last year and who remain one of South America’s best kept secrets!

Sunday, September 9th: 6pm: SAMDY: SANDY EWEN / SAM WEINBERG - Guitar on Lap Sax // 7pm: JOSH SINTON / GUILLERMO GREGORIO

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It seems hard to believe that it has been 20 years since the passing of the Great Thomas Chapin in February of 1998. Mr. Chapin was an incredible alto saxist, flute player, composer and bandleader, an unstoppable free spirit who touched anyone who met him or witnessed his music live or on record. I can whole-heartedly recommend anything from below since I dig each and every one of these gems. Besides CD’s, we are also listing a few albums, cassettes and even sheet music!?!

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Bruce Gallanter Receives JJA Jazz Hero Award

The Jazz Journalists Association recognized Bruce Gallanter as the 2018 Jazz Hero for New York City.

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Every winter seems to get longer and more difficult, so that when FIMAV, (Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville in Quebec) rolls around, we all seem to look forward to this vacation more and more every year! Considering that I’ve been attending this mighty fest every year since 1987, (thirty years!), I usually think I knew what to expect, but this is rarely the case. At least as far as the music is concerned. There are always surprises in store each year. In advance of this fe

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DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY Turns 26 and Celebrates Longevity!

Monday, May 1st was the 26th Anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery! That’s right, you heard right! We opened our doors on May 1st of 1991 in the East Village at 211 East 5th (between 2nd & 3rd Aves), having no idea how long we would last considering that there were upwards of a hundred record stores in Manhattan alone at that time. Now there are less than a dozen!?! We are in our third location (13 Monroe St in Chinatown), for eight years now, struggling to survive but still providing creative

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Episode 89, Bruce Lee Gallanter

For this conversation, Bruce and I go back to his hometown roots in New Jersey to the early days at Studio Henry, all the way up to the present.

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