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Sunday, June 25th: 6pm: THOMAS HEBERER / CHRISTOF KNOCHE - Trumpet and Bass Clarinet Duo 7pm: JOHN McCOWEN - Solo B-flat and ContraBass Clarinet (from Wie Zhongle!?!)

THOMAS HEBERER is a longtime member of the ICP Orchestra, as well as working with all sorts of: Dr. Chadbourne, Achim Kaufmann, HNH and the Yoni Kretzmer Five. CHRISTOPH KNOCHE once had a great disc out on Omnitone plus he has worked with Russ Johnson, Miles Okazaki and Kirk Knuffke.

JOHN McCOWEN is a member of the amazing yet unknown Wei Zhongle band (from Illinois), who have been called a Chinese version of Henry Cow!?! Mr. McCowen has several solo & duo clarinet discs out which have garnered some great reviews.

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FIMAV 33 - Festival International Musique Actuelle Victoriaville - May 18th - 21st, 2017

Considering that I have been attending the New Music Festival in Victoriaville every year since 1988, this, the 33rd edition seemed somehow different. Ever since the unfortunate election of our fake president, there has been an ongoing vibe of denial: fear, frustration, confusion, anger and a disorienting feeling that we are living in a nightmare that will not end anytime soon. There are too many folks staring at their phones, computers and TV screens, trying to make some sense out of the incomp

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